About Us

New York Dance Festival

The New York Dance Festival is one of the most unique, refreshing, and inspired international dance festivals in the world! At the New York Dance Festival, healthy emotional development is at the core of our offerings. We teach the characteristics of good dance, grounded in technique and body science, with an intentional focus on teaching skills for enjoyable self improvement and healthy motivation. World class dancing is not just our goal, it is also our vehicle to foster positive emotional development. The Festival is a two week experience with eight and a half hours of dance a day, with master classes in Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, MT Afro Hip Hop, Reinforced Motor Function, McLeod Technique, African, and more. Professional to novice, we are one of the only non-audition national programs of our caliber. Because we do not require auditions, no person is excluded or put through the emotional trials of an audition selection process, and families are welcome.

New York Dance Festival: Workshops NYC

Come and join us in NYC for a workshops full of Life Changing Master Classes and personal interaction led by International Producer and American Choreographer Sean McLeod and his amazing team, the Certified Personalities of McLeod Technique. Hosted by the New York Institute of Dance & Education - N.Y.I.D.E., Sean McLeod Dance Experience, Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, and our partners, these two or three day dance experiences will include classes in Sean McLeod's codified McLeod Technique (MT) including MT Modern, Reinforced Motor Function ® (alignment, strength, and flexibility system), and MT Afro Hip Hop. Topped off with our famed self-reflective and life fueling "Talk Around" sessions. All of that wrapped in Motivation that will inspire you to action. If you are willing to take risks, embrace "Yes" and learn why this is essential, then Sean would love to see you!

Global Dance Initiative

Partnering with the New York Institute of Dance & Education, the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre travels the globe through teaching tours, residencies, and performance. The Global Dance Initiative uses dance to empower and inspire children and women in communities around the world. Each year we visit countries like Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and South Africa. The Global Dance Initiative teaches and challenges families and local community leaders to accept and embrace the value girls and women have as important contributors to the world.

Sean McLeod is a Master Teacher, Multi award winning Choreographer, and Motivational Speaker. He is an inspired developer of movement systems and has a method to teaching dance that focuses on helping women and girls find their sense of self and true value.