Community of Color Honors Awards 2015 – Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre

Community of Color Honors Awards 2015!

“Imagine a place where each time you entered a room you saw people who represented the diversity of a community. Imagine that in this place there are people of all ages, races, colors, and backgrounds, focused on a common goal or idea. Imagine that in this place there are visuals, music and movement that reflect the various cultures of the people in the room. Imagine that at some point each year people in the greater community would gather to focus their collective energies on celebrating a universal gift that surpasses our exterior and connects our heart and souls. Imagine that this place is Auburn, NY, right now, this moment, today.”

– Gwen Webber-McLeod, master of ceremonies for the first Community of Color awards

The New York City- and Auburn-based Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre/Sean McLeod Dance Experience in partnership with The Citizen Newspaper, Osteria Salina, Auburn Enlarged City School District, EHR Intergration Services, Hilton Garden Inn, Ministro Ministries, PeaceArt International, Tompkins Trust Co., Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting, New York Institute of Dance & Education and more, honored several major contributors to central New York life and culture during this year’s Black History Month with the Community of Color Honors Awards and Gala Concert! Full Article