“Do You See Me”

“Do You See Me” Sean McLeod and the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre shared a powerful message of Inclusion in New York City. A premier, this new dramatic, dance, and musical production helps explore the responsibly of those who allow the “isms” to exist. All of Us. “Do You See Me” taped for a larger online audience engaged people in an important dialogue through movement, song, powerful commentary, and conversation. This dance work was performed as part of this work.

“For Ladies” is a work choreographed by Sean McLeod to highlight the strength of women in a society often dominated by men. Their work, voices, and contributions have not and will not go unnoticed. Without women, men would cease to exist.

This fall, in light of recent events, Sean has launched the “Mission for Inclusion” within the multiple companies he runs. The goal is to address the lack of diversity and economic inclusion many communities, institutions, and corporations face, as well as to help everyone within earshot understand how they can contribute to the “Possibility of Yes”.