Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre/Sean McLeod Dance Experience Auditions NYC


Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre’s Sean McLeod Dance Experience held auditions at the Mark Morris Dance Center in New York City to seeking additional dancers for company positions, including the company’s NYC Season and national and international touring. Sean McLeod may be finding a new way to dance in New York and around the globe. At the beginning of the audition Sean McLeod, artistic director of the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, international producer and American Choreographer promised the auditionees “you have never experienced an audition like the one they were about to be part of”. By the end of the audition, every dancer agreed, Sean had kept his promise. Instead of instilling fear and insisting on competition between the dancers, which is the norm for professional dance auditions, Sean and the NYIDE team made a designed effort to ensure it was an environment of happiness, camaraderie and support that is unheard of in the world that professional dancers live and work in. Especially in NYC! These dancers were shown that it is much better to lift each other up than to try to dance better than everyone around you while mastering their a cutthroat attitudes. Rather, the dancers that participated in the audition shared their inspired, excited discovery and stated they were ready to change the way they live their lives because of the experience they had with Sean McLeod, his philosophy and the NYIDE team.