New York Dance Festival – McLeod Technique: Spring Workshops NYC

A new approach to Professional Dance in NYC! Two hours of McLeod Technique: Life Changing Master Classes and personal interaction led by Sean and his amazing team, the teachers of McLeod Technique. Come experience this truly spectacular and giving event, so we can get to know each other for upcoming work opportunities!

McLeod Technique: Pre-Audition Workshops NYC

Date Location Time
6/18/17 Creative Cultural Center, NYC 12-2 pm

Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Audition:
Professional dancers return from 3:00-5:00 pm for our open Auditions! World-class physiques controlled by only the the nicest people should apply. If you are willing to take risks, embrace “Yes” and learn the essentials for being a good and happy person, while being fierce, then International Producer and Choreographer Sean McLeod would love to see you!

Classical Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, (bring sneakers)

Dress Code:

Please wear all black leotard and tights/shorts, unitard, or leggings and tank top, and have your hair pulled back out of your face. Bring thick socks, preferably gray or black. Also, it would be helpful to have a small notebook, a hand towel, a water bottle, and an infectiously positive attitude!


McLeod Technique: Spring Workshops Options