The original inception of the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre began in 1988 with the production Motown and the Mirror at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Purchase that was produced and directed by Sean McLeod. A few members of that original dance core stayed close and continued working with Sean’s Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre.  Staging and rehearsing in NYC at the Larry Clark Studios, New Dance Group and other NYC landmarks of dance, Sean McLeod forged a strong kinship with now celebrated dancer, international choreographer, and master teacher Gregory Livingston (of Germany), and award winning director and choreographer Roxanna Young who along with running her own company, became Associate Director and NYC director of KDT.  At the same time, Sean kept in touch with his college mentor, Thomas Warfield, an internationally acclaimed personality in so many genres of the arts including dance.  Thomas started working with Sean and appeared as a special guest of KDT becoming a permanent fixture and leading influence in the company’s development.  Eventually and with the kindred collaboration of Roxanna, they eventually brought the NYC company to upstate NY. First Auburn NY, then Syracuse, Rochester and countless other upstate cities.  At the time, KDT was one of only two well established black run professional dance companies in all of Upstate NY.  The other being Garth Fagan, who was another influence on Kaleidoscope.  In the midst of all of this Sean founded an Upstate version of the professional dance company in Central New York in 1990. That made Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre dually-based in NYC and Central New York, with a focus on bridging NYC with “The Other New York” and sharing our unique communication approach with people around the globe.