Black Creation Matters! Join us as we celebrate Black Creation with the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Juneteenth Series! In our 31st year with a collection of online events, this June 17-20, 2021 special Juneteenth Series will celebrate Black Artists and Intellectuals for their contributions to our lives. The events will include a 31st Year Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Dance Workshop & Rehearsal, What It Means to Be a Black Man: A Conversation with African American Male Choreographers, Making it Black! A Juneteenth Online Concert and Talk Back, and “For My Father” A Special Online Father’s Day Concert!

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Black Dance and Black Creation Matters. Kick off Juneteenth Weekend with the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre. This 2 hour Workshop with the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre will include an open Online Company Class and insightful Rehearsal! Warm up the body with McLeod Technique, a dance system created by a Black person, and then learn excerpts of the lauded KDT repertory with Black American Choreographer Sean McLeod and special guests such as the incomparable Ballet Legend Karen Brown! 

Thursday 6/17/2021
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM EST
Normal Cost – $50/per person

*Special Cost for the first 25 registered
$30/per person

How does Black Contribution play a part in your day to day life? This panel discussion will feature Established Black Male Choreographers and will be hosted via Zoom. It will be framed around the simple questions: What It Means To Be A Black Man? How do you use your voice as a Black Choreographer in today’s climate? Join us to hear their answers and to be a part of a conversation that identifies Black Creation at the foundation of society.

Friday 6/18/2021
Cost – $15/per person

Join us to celebrate Black Creation with a world-class online concert featuring Black Choreographers, Musicians, Dancers, and Spoken Word laureates. 


The event will conclude with an interactive Talk Back on Zoom that features some of the celebrated personalities. Discussion will focus on work as Black creators, Intellectuals, and impacting audiences.

Saturday 6/19/2021
Time: 4:00-6:30 PM EST
Cost – $15/per person

Join us to celebrate Fathers and Father figures around the world with a Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Online Concert. This event will feature works that celebrate men, fathers, and highlight a man’s greatest hopes of the heart, and greatest fears inside his head which history tells them they are not allowed to voice.

Sunday 6/20/2021
Time: 2:00-3:30 PM EST
Cost – $15/per person

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