Date: Thursday June 17th, 2020

Time: 4:00-6:00 PM EST

Location: Zoom (code was sent in the email with this link)

Dress code: Please wear all black dance clothing. Women: Leotard and tights/leggings Men: tank top/t-shirt and pants/leggings. Have thick socks handy.



What is McLeod Technique?

McLeod Technique (MT) is Sean McLeod’s codified syllabus technique that teaches contemporary dance to both classical ballet dancers and urban dancers. McLeod Technique Modern ® is based in emotional development and blends classical ballet, the modern dance foundations of Limón, Graham, and Horton, martial arts, African dance, Latin influences and urban social dance. MT® Modern includes a formal port-de-bras series, floorwork systems, Spanish sets, wallwork systems, a Pilates Reformer application, and a life-changing philosophy that combats depression and promotes good mental health.

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