“Do you see me?” is a question that minorities, be it black, women, LGTBQ, or other citizens who find themselves categorized around the country ask every day. It’s a topic that is hot on the minds of everyone. This intimate showing by International Producer and American Choreographer Sean McLeod and the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre will bring light to these conversations through a series of solos, duets, and trios challenging the injustices faced in society.

Sean is renowned in many parts of the world, especially for his accessibility and ability to reach the center of where people think. He is versed in many different industries and his way of connecting with everyone in earshot puts him in high demand as a speaker, lecturer, and world class motivator. This fall, in light of recent events, Sean has launched the “Mission for Inclusion” within his multiple companies. The goal is to address the lack of diversity and economic inclusion many communities face, as well as to help everyone within earshot understand how they can contribute to the “Possibility of Yes”.

Inclusion Across Generations

Equity in Business

30 Years of Inclusion