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Sean McLeod’s Broadway: A Project to Build Community, is an incredible Artist Residency for Skaneateles Middle and High School students brought by Music and Drama Directors Mickey Kringer and Colleen Anna! This amazing Artist Residency will give students and the entire community the opportunity to work with NYC’s Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, NYC Professional Performers, and International Personalities while performing more than two decades of Sean McLeod’s best Musical Theater Choreography as part of the 25th Anniversary of the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre which is based both in Auburn, NY and NYC!

Sean McLeod, a Musical Theater and Dance Master, is also a developer of an amazing learning process that teaches invaluable life lessons, Personality Development, and Emotional Development skills to students and adults through Musical Theater, Dance, and Family Development which is at it’s base! His process touches everyone within earshot- teen or adult- and has an infectious ability to change an entire school building’s interaction culture.

Mr. Kringer and Mrs. Anna believe “I have not seen an Assembly person or event come to Skaneateles and be more connected to our students, families, and administration after their time with us more than Sean McLeod has done.” More than a performing expert, Mr. McLeod is a celebrated Motivational Speaker and Executive Life Coach for CEO’s!

Mr. McLeod has worked with both programs offering spontaneous Professional Workshops, Choreography, and Direction support in the past. This Residency will allow us more of his time in a planned fashion for maximum benefit.

Performance: May 7th
Time: 7 pm
Skaneateles High School


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