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  • After 4 years at my dream school Miss you alreadyhellip
  • Good morning world! Let there be coffee and joy today!hellip
  • International Producer and American Choreographer Sean McLeod works with Victoriahellip
  • Kaleidoscope Dance Theatres Devon McLeod and Kierstyn Zaykoski on thehellip
  •  Magic is nothing but faith that there is goodhellip
  • Love is what you work at it is not whathellip
  • If there is no point of reference there is nohellip
  • Congratulations to NYIDE Senior Associate and Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Soloisthellip
  • What an incredible day at the En Pointe Plus Dancehellip
  • Happy International Dance Day! followkdt dance internationaldanceday dancer lovedance
  • If you didnt do a jump take did WOTS evenhellip
  • When the weather is gorgeous and you remember your mathellip
  • Throwback Thursday to the 2014 New York Dance Festival!NYC andhellip
  • At the New York Dance Festival the burden to behellip

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