The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre is an innovative African American founded, professional ballet and modern dance company that has touched the lives of thousands of people with it’s tangible messaging and life change work in Central New York, New York City, across the Nation, and around the Globe. A special achievement, the upstate division was founded in a diversity challenged part of New York State and 30 years later, has become a shining example of how to address racial, women, and equality issues with out losing the faith and support of the people in the majority.


Celebrating 34 Years

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Support a Mission for Inclusion

“Do you see me?” is a question that minorities, be it black, women, LGTBQ, or other citizens who find themselves categorized around the country ask every day. It’s a topic that is hot on the minds of everyone.

In light of recent events, the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre has launched the “Mission for Inclusion”. The goal is to address the lack of diversity and economic inclusion many communities face, as well as to help everyone within earshot understand how they can contribute to the “Possibility of Yes”.

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