Sisters is a piece that was created for a company of young female dancers who were all having different personal struggles in their lives.  Struggles because their dad wanted them to be this and didn’t want them to be that.  The boyfriend who was saying “I called you at 9 o’clock, where were you?” And that one of the 17 year old dancers thought she was culpable, and that she had to answer to him.  Sean McLeod said “That ain’tcho Daddy!  He don’t get to ask you dat.” So, Sisters helped them to be able to understand that they decide what they do in life.  They’re going to share, they’re going to be strong, and they’re going to be formidable.  They are going to be every color that a woman is.  They’re going to be every size and every shape.  The reality happens to be, that women rule the world.