Choreographed by American Choreographer Sean McLeod, “Conception of Soul” is the 1st movement of a larger 5 movement work entitled “Soul” that explores an African Mythology of how the world began. This movement introduces this powerful piece and presents the theme developed throughout the work, but has the ability to stand on its own.

Choreographed by American Choreographer Sean McLeod, a classic work in the KDT/SMDEx History.

“Soul” is Sean McLeod’s interpretation of an African Mythology on how the World began. He explores this notion through the energy created and nurtured from the soul of Women and shared with men. The work is also a tribute to Jose Limon’s “There is a Time”. Sean often wondered how such a work would look if it were created from an African perspective. “Soul” answers that question, honors the African contribution, and celebrates the treasure of women.

“Soul is the most unexplainable and powerful force in this world known to man. It is of which you were born and what remains when you leave. I will celebrate the Soul as it is the desire of man, passion of the woman, and the future of the child. I invite you into the most personal place in my life, my dreams, my conceptions, my worries…my Soul”

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