A Women’s History Event

Honoring Ballet Legend Karen Brown and celebrated Composer Kim Kalesti! Join the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre on Wednesday March 17th at 7:00 PM EST as they stream Sean McLeod’s “UnMuddying the Water,” followed by a Zoom Talk back with Karen Brown, Kim Kalesti, Kierstyn Zaykoski, and Hana Ginsburg Tirosh, Moderated by Devon McLeod,  This presentation of “UnMuddying the Water” was filmed at the New York Dance Festival.


“In a timeless manner, this work is about the confusion, pain, isolation, and death caused by racism. It also explores ageism, classicism of roles, and captures the breathless impacts on women, and specifically on Black women. The role of man is undetermined and there is need of a God…dess to make sense of it all, while one single girl again finds her greatest gift to mankind: breath.”


Because of Covid the event is free, but donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated. All donations will go towards the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Inc.

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