Inside the Dancer’s Studio – 20th Annual International Association of Blacks in Dance

This film highlights an incredible week in LA that included business meetings; the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre with Sean McLeod and Kierstyn Zaykoski taking part in the national IABD Comprehensive Organizational Health Initiative with the Mellon Foundation and the Nonprofit Finance Fund; Sean McLeod and Denise Saunders Thompson launched, and Karen Brown, Thomas Warfield, and Devon McLeod made their contributions to a milestone with the Black Ballet Choreographers Symposium and Commission Conference: Panel Discussions at the 30th International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference! People of color – Black to White, came from all over the world to claim their black ancestry in all shades, colors, languages, traditions, and dances. What a wonderful step we all took. “Our steps are not perfect, but they are necessary” – Sean McLeod