About the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre


New York City


Sean McLeod and the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre are poised to change the way dance is experienced in New York City. KDT creates a unique learning and dance opportunity in NYC for all professional dancers, regardless of age, race, gender, or ability level helping them be the most successful they can while knowing “Joy should be the standard,” not self ridicule.  KDT has also created a dance bridge from Central New York to New York City where aspiring professionals can gain entry to the professional dance scene with networking, connections and more know how.



Auburn & Central New York


International Producer and American Choreographer Sean McLeod has made it a personal goal to remain connected to Auburn, NY and Central New York – the location he was raised. Sean has given a clear path for disadvantaged folks to advantaged opportunities. This need of his to tangibly help these people in need has inspired for more that two decades other national and international personalities to do the same, such as Gregory Livingston in Germany, Lorienne Beals in England, France, and Italy, Jerilee Kellman in Barbados, and countless people throughout the United States.



Around the Globe


The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre uses dance to empower and inspire children and women in communities around the world. Each year we visit countries like Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and South Africa. The Global Dance Initiative teaches and challenges families and local community leaders to accept and embrace the value girls and women have as important contributors to the world.



Women & Girls


Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre NYC Rehearsal Director Devon McLeod (who is an interracial Woman), takes a very powerful and special moment to explain to an impressionable black teen girl that she can do well in life!  Devon explained that she is a beautiful and smart young lady and not to let any boy or any person tell her different.  That Devon herself once thought she was not attractive, that her hair was too curly, and her face was too round. She thought less of herself.  Devon touched the girls face as other young girls looked on and said “I was there too, follow my lead.  Follow me.  You can’t start saying that negative stuff to yourself, because once you get good at it, you won’t easily be able to stop.”  She told them, “Shoot for the stars, shoot for NYU, for your dream school, like I did.  You don’t have to do it alone, your parents and people like me are here for you.  Call me and I will answer.”


The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre is an innovative African American founded, professional ballet and modern dance company that has touched the lives of thousands of people with it’s tangible messaging and life change work in Central New York, New York City, across the Nation, and around the Globe. A special achievement, the upstate division was founded in a diversity challenged part of New York State and 29 years later, has become a shining example of how to address racial, women, and equality issues with out losing the faith and support of the people in the majority.

A mission that says sharing truthfully with your audience is more valuable that entertaining them.

Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre’s mission is to illustrate through the arts the abundant resources and enrichment, which minority persons, women, and people of color bring to our lives and community. The NYC and Auburn Based Dance Company has had an incredible impact through a variety of projects, including the Annual New York Dance Festival, Concerts, Multicultural Initiatives, Assemblies, and Workshops for students and adults throughout New York and the world.

Vision Statement

To challenge cities’ and world communities’ acceptance that bad behavior is passed off as necessary parts of Life. With significant focus given to the goal of equality, KDT champions support and access for women and girls in all it does. We believe “Joy Should Be the Standard”.


The Company

The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre works with emerging & established dancers and choreographers sharing its wealth of resources and access. Dancers who have additional corporate skills and business aspirations, but who see people before opportunity, would find a great home with us! KDT/SMDEx offers a new kind of dance company experience that looks to develop your business, interpersonal, and teaching skill-sets as well as honor and increase your world-class dance pedigree. If you have the right heart we’ll work to give you the rest.

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Company in Training