MT Open Classes NYC – RMF for Ballet Application

Lorienne Beals - NYDF 2015 - Penche

Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Members came back to NYC  from the New York Dance Festival fresh with inspiration having met the Legendary KDT Performer and McLeod Technique Gold Standard Teacher Lorienne Beals who was in from Italy!  In the photo above: Lorienne demonstrates during a Reinforced Motor Function for Ballet Application Master Class with Master Teacher and Executive Producer Sean McLeod at the New York Dance Festival.  Lorienne and Sean have a magical connection as she grew up and flourished under his tutelage.  Today, Lorienne Beals is an international powerhouse in her own right, performs regularly in concerts and innovative projects in Italy, and is a leading expert in McLeod Technique and Reinforced Motor Function world wide.


The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre/Sean McLeod Dance Experience has had a wonderful week of McLeod Technique (MT) Open Classes and rehearsals in NYC! August has been absolutely beautiful and we have transferred that sunshine into the studio! On Wednesday, NYC Director for the New York Institute of Dance & Education Hana Ginsburg Tirosh, taught Reinforced Motor Function for Ballet Application, leading dancers through MT biomechanics application that make ballet exercises just work. This RMF lens just works and is pain free. By focusing on the traditional aspects of classical ballet through a scientific understanding, dancers are able to perform classical positions in the healthiest manner. This extends the use of their knees, hips, and backs for many many years. In MT or RMF Tendu becomes Tendu Escape, employing action in both legs versus focusing on the working leg (the leg in the air) only. In a revelation of understanding, grande pliés in fourth and fifth shift the weight forward and equally into both legs. This properly aligns the knees (and the use of the knee) and suggests the crotch rest evenly between the two heels allowing for new strength source points to be engaged. This application arrests the erosion of knee integrity normally associated with grande plié fourth and fifth position exercises.

RMF for Ballet Application transforms all the static exercises traditionally taught at the barre and puts them into tangible exercises through Movement Integration. Movement Integration allows dancers to take the foundation steps of basic ballet and practice their use in actual motion as the first steps of ballet class. Amazement, smiles, and joy are equally if not more important! And after discovering these actualities smiles are abundant for sure. Below, New York Institute of Dance & Education Product Director and MT Expert Kierstyn Zaykoski reinforces KDT/SMDEx Company Member Crystal Fraser in NYC. Crystal is getting an opportunity perfect a MT Long Leg Lift exercise as she is reinforced by Zaykoski in the NYC class. Kierstyn also reminded her that “joy should be the standard!” in class and in life!

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Friday, NYC Director for the New York Institute of Dance & Education Hana Ginsburg Tirosh, led an extremely robust Reinforced Motor Function class. She had everyone sweating bullets in the first few minutes! Here, KDT/SMDEx Company Members Jillian Sawyer and Cassandra Bowser work together to find a sense of suspension for Jerami Kipp’s Least Traveled!

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Join the New York City MT Wave! Open McLeod Technique classes this week!

Wednesday, August 19: 4pm-5pm at DANY Studios
Friday, August 21: 10am-11am at Battery Dance
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Written by: Chelsea Blakeburn